Eyes on the final

Eyes on the finalSevilla again meets semifinal match of the Europa League, but hardly the Spaniards, these games become boring. And Fiorentina are a worthy opponent, from which it is important not to concede at home. Our website was wondering whether in this pair is the favorite?The prestige and moneyUnai emery won the Europa League and went back to work traditional. But he, like Montella, of which the Spaniard is very respectful, it is important to win the European tournament this season. Sevilla is fifth in the Example and not necessarily ahead of Valencia and Fiorentina, lying in the same position in Serie a, behind the zone of the Champions League and the third line on eleven points. That is today not only reaching the final of the European Cup, but also the pursuit of income. Читать полностью -->

Black Monday

Black MondayOur site seemed angered by the failures of CSKA will score three points on duty in Perm, where he waited for the meeting-16th RPL team, but there it was! Conceding only scored the ball from the pupil of Spartak, CSKA capitulated."Amkar" - dominating the outsider of the championship of Russia and remains the main contender for relegation, while CSKA after a couple of failures with powerful competitors looking for an opportunity to return to winning ways, so as not to miss the Express train heading to the UEFA Champions League ticket on which suddenly fell into the hands of cute "Krasnodar". Difficult to CSKA autumn match against Permyakov: at the Arena-Khimki" owners until the 78th minute was lost, and the winning goal and his second in that match Roman Eremenko scored in the stoppage time. Not promised an easy life Champions and travel to Perm, no matter how ineffective the team Hajiyeva, in the apathy of these guys to accuse unjustly. Haji Muslimovic already resigned, which was not accepted by the leaders, and experienced coach went for change in search of happiness, because he made it clear that the season needs to be finalised before the end."Amkar" has refused scheme with five defenders, by moving to a more democratic model and returning pilgrim Ogude in the center of the field, where the Nigerian feels most comfortable. Please note that as a sole attacker was a 20-year-old Alexei Coursenew, while the left remained Jakubko, picuЕџciac and Prudnikov. If we talk about starting 45-minute, which without goals, it can be divided into two approximately equal halves. Читать полностью -->


ConvincedOnly half the season took Tina to Jedway Bayer to convince the German club to buy out his contract at Roma. Our website draws attention to the promising defender and perplexed due to the short-sightedness of the "wolves".Many young players are faced with difficulties in transition from the youth level on an adult, especially when simultaneously trying to bite off more than can chew. Jedvaj played in the first team Dinamo Zagreb, the pupil of which is only three months by that point, as Roma seduced Croatian club offer of 5 million euros, which was enough to take 17-year-old talent. Perhaps Tina beneficial it would be another year to play in the homeland side by side with "uncle" Simunic в Josip older than his younger colleague for 17 years at the time of their performances in the "Dynamo" one centre back was twice older than the other. But Roma took Yedwa still not feathered, allowing Rudi Garcia to put the guy into a deep reserve for the whole season, however, does not exclude that at that stage of training alongside strong partners gave the Croat even more than he would have earned from the regular games in the championship of Croatia.In Rome saw the versatile defender, who can not only in the centre of defence to act, but on the flanks. Clearly he has shown his expertise in working on different defensive positions in Bayer where last summer was given a two-year lease. Читать полностью -->

Friendly Canaries

Friendly CanariesStability is the key to success. In football, this rule does not always work, but in the case with Norwich appeared perfect. Our website presents the latest newcomer broke into the elite through the test of "joints".To return to the Premier League next season after relegation is not an easy task. "Norwich city" became the 18th team that this has been done, and although the number 18 doesn't seem to be a symptom of some kind of uniqueness, count the total amount of "exchanges" between the two leagues over the past twenty years and realize that "Canaries" has done what many can do for you. Of course, in recent years, thanks to the so-called "parachute payments from the Premier League, teams, dropping in class, it becomes a little easier to survive the separation from "the tower". However, many examples of "the falling stone" force to understand: farewell to the Premier League в the incredible stress that not everyone can survive, because the factors involved are forced to change. Читать полностью -->

Reminded myself

Reminded myselfKerzhakov has improved scoring record, Ignashevich scored a hundred first match for Russia, and the young players have recorded assists - Our site sums up a friendly match against Azerbaijan, which immediately went to play.Segments in the first half, the Russian team showed the most skilful and entertaining football over the past year, although there has been more and a good high pressure - continually won the ball in midfield and started a new attack. Kerzhakov in such conditions did not have to work hard to become solely the top scorer in the history of the national team of Russia, for Alexander after the transfer Kombarov just jumped, and after cutting the transmission Cheryshev just tripped leg, scored twice already in the twelfth minute of the match. Could be dismissed, not whether it's a friendly match for coaches - Fabio Capello quietly looked at the actions Cheryshev and Runner on the edges of the attack, as well as to work Dzagoev and Shatov in midfield slightly higher than Glushakov. Everyone made it, perhaps, only to the Skid and Smolnikova on the right edge there is a small issues. Although the explanation there - they never really trusted partners, acting mainly left edge, where all the goals came the first half, as Dzagoev also hung the ball down Ignashevich from the left flank. Sergei had to score as easy as Kerzhakov his first ball calmly worked and celebrated one hundred first match in the national team of Russia. Читать полностью -->

Eight bold

Eight boldThe first round of the playoffs of the Champions League has passed, and Our site gathers together the facts and opinions about all 16 matches in 8 pairs, participants determined the quarterfinals of the tournament. Sensations, patterns, statistics and attempt to look into the future в in our digest.EffectivenessJust 16 matches scored 46 goals, the average performance of one match is 2.875. Only in two pairs on the outcome of the two matches were scored less than 6 goals. AtlГ©tico and Leverkusen vouchsafed only 2 goals through joint efforts, but pleased with the shootout, and "Barcelona" and "Manchester city" stopped at around 4 score, though, if not disastrous implementation, could be among the leaders in scoring and improve the overall performance. A lot or a little 46 balls? The truth is relative. For example, at the same stage of last season was 51 accurate shot, in the season 2013/2013 в 44, 2011/12 в 54, 2010/11 в 38. Читать полностью -->

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